Brock’s building experience spans three decades and a variety of complex developments. Committed to lifelong learning, he earned his B.S. in Construction Management from California State University Chico and has gone on to work towards a Professional Certificate in Construction Estimating, Civil Site Work Construction and Construction Practices.

Brock is anything but one-dimensional and brings a wealth of diverse skills to the table. As the owner of a firm specializing in high-end custom residential estates, Brock learned the importance of place and purpose in developing legacy properties. And as a foreman for multi-story office buildings and airport terminal expansions, Brock was exposed to a level of technical engineering that’s hard to come by at Southwest Montana building firms. He’s even planned the development of private hunting lodges throughout Montana, Nevada, Oregon and California. When you put this technical competence together with a keen eye for the western aesthetic, you get an effective manager committed to realizing the core vision of each client’s project.

When he’s not putting in the time to achieve his numerous certifications, Brock can be found ranching, hunting, and camping with his family.