Our Process

At Avant, our team lives and breathes the craft of homebuilding. We never lose sight of the end goal: a satisfied customer relishing in an exquisite custom home – completed on schedule and within the budget constraints. Our decades of building experience and commitment to innovation result in a finely-calibrated building process that ensures this result. With Avant’s collaborative, team-based approach, each project receives the management and attention to detail it requires to stay true to the client’s vision and expectations.

In order to achieve both a satisfying building process and a unique product for every project, Avant emphasizes transparency at each stage. We collaborate with the owner, architect, engineers, design professionals, and subcontractors to ensure accurate upfront cost estimation, meticulous cost control, and diligent project management. By leveraging our in-house craftsmen and project team, we maximize efficiency and maintain clear and uniform expectations.


Legacy home construction demands intense collaboration and planning early in the building process. Committed to value engineering from conception, Avant utilizes advanced take-off software and a proprietary cost database to achieve accurate upfront estimation services. Unlike many building firms that relegate estimation to individual team members, our principals leverage their building experience to estimate the very projects they’ll manage onsite later. This cohesive approach safeguards the tight nexus between design and budget elements, minimizing costly redesigns and change orders.  

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To facilitate optimal creativity and problem solving, we engage clients and partners throughout the pre-construction phase. We direct our exceptional personnel to make seamless communication and collaboration with the client and design team a top priority. Rigorous documentation, disciplined scheduling, and a comprehensive plan review checklist ensure that the project is set up for success and efficiency before proceeding to construction.

We encourage our clients to engage us early in their homebuilding adventure. Avant maintains relationships with numerous architects, design consultants, vendors, and subcontractors throughout Southwest Montana. We also provide site selection, soils analysis, and feasibility reporting services. We leverage these capabilities and relationships to assemble the right team for each client’s design and pricing needs.

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Avant doesn’t follow the status quo. We are in constant pursuit of the best practices in the construction process, eager to innovate and improve wherever possible. Each home is tailored to the unique personality and tastes of the client, so why should the construction process be any different?

Owner onsite management is at the core of this mission. We believe that if clients are willing to entrust us with their vision, they deserve an ambassador onsite, employing a watchful eye and efficiently overcoming the idiosyncratic challenges of the project. In addition, each job is assigned an onsite superintendent, who facilitates management of cost, scheduling, quality, and safety.

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We reduce the variables involved in construction. Our in-house crew comprises some of the most talented craftsmen in Southwest Montana and allows us to build at a level of detail, and on a meticulous schedule, that most cannot achieve. In addition, we also pride ourselves in our lasting relationships with vendors, subcontractors, architects, and interior designers. By leveraging a loyal network of practitioners committed to building legacy homes, we achieve cost optimization and an exceptional customer experience.

At Avant, timeliness never comes at the cost of quality control or communication. We employ the latest software and technology to maintain up-to-date scheduling and quality control measures for each project, whether minutes away from the office or on remote job sites. When everyone has access to the most current information and documentation, construction can proceed seamlessly.

Instead of empty promises, we offer true accountability. Multiple management team members undertake a litany of site inspections and photo documentation to ensure our homes perform at the highest level possible. This process includes third-party evaluations such as blower door tests, thermal imaging, and structural engineering. We take pride in our discipline and consistently refine our process to ensure the smallest details are not overlooked.

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Everyone at Avant, from principals to crew members, works exhaustively to leave each property turn-key ready and immaculate. We utilize a comprehensive project completion checklist to provide our clients with peace of mind. We also deliver all documentation necessary for upkeep of the property, including operating guides, paint schedules, as-builts, and a complete owner’s manual. This process ensures every effort has been made to allow our clients to revel in their new home from the moment they move in with minimal distraction.

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Our homes are built to stand the test of time and our stewardship of our clients’ homes is just as enduring. We take care of our clients, who often become like family by the end of the building process. They frequently rave about the services we continue to provide them well beyond the warranty period.

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